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Drones, deployable LTE networks and sunshine

It was a very nice and quite warm sunny day today in Espoo, Finland. So it was time to go out with some equipment and other stuff. The list was roughly following:

a drone with LTE connection for mission controlplenty of drone batteriesa smartphone running LTE radio measurement software (carried by the drone)a compact LTE network (eNB + embedded EPC) - about 5 kga small directional X-pol antennaa small telescope mast for the antennafeeder cables, Ethernet cables, power cablesUSIMsWindows and Linux PCs (drone control, LTE throughput measurements, LTE network management)a portable AC generator (power for PCs, drone battery charger and LTE network)duct tapescrewdriversa vanlicenses for flying drones and using LTE spectrum And the questions was that how well the LTE uplink performs when a drone is flying up to 150 meters above the ground. And it worked very well. 
Before any results were available, there were of course many problems. The linux PC, which was the FTP server for throughput tes…